Author and Illustrator Night at New Lane Elementary School

The PTA at New Lane Elementary School in Selden has an Author/Selden_New Lane Elementary School1_March 2013Illustrators evening annually where they invite local authors and illustrators to attend and meet the children. What is so nice about this event is that the children learn about the art and/or books of the authors and illustrators prior to the event.

When I arrived at the school, much to my surprise and delight, there was a beautiful piece of artwork displayed on the wall behind the table where I would have my books and props.  It was a warm and wonderful welcome and unique to experiences I’ve had at other schools where I was invited to provide author talks. I was truly touched by the fact that the children and their teachers took the time to create this piece! It was a large wall display that was similar to the cover of my book, with a beautiful whale leaping up and out of the water….it was plain to see that the children in Ms. Kalinowski and Ms. Babb’s classes spent a good deal of time perfecting their art, as it captured my book cover to perfection!

Being a part of  the Author and Illustrator Night was a pleasure, not only for me but for the other authors and illustrators who were on hand. Some, like me, were members of the Long  Island Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group, a terrific organization that helps promote local authors and aspiring authors. All in all, we had a great evening…and I sold 12 books.

I’m happy to spread the word about my children’s book  to children everywhere…that’s my goal—as well as giving children the same feeling I had when I read a great book and never wanted it to end!