Book Expo America – An Exciting Experience for Book Lovers

Karen Bonnet signs autographs on her book, Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones, during the 2011 Book Expo of America

As a new book author, I was in for a pleasant surprise when I stepped through the doors of the Jacob Javits Center to attend the 2011 Book Expo America (BEA), held on May 24 to 26.  This exciting event was filled to the brim with book publishers, book sellers, authors, librarians, agents, and people interested in learning about the newest books from recently published or future published authors. Thousands attended the event, and attendees were not only from New York, they came from cities across the nation and countries around the globe. 

While I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, I found that the first day was a learning curve, and a time to get acclimated to my surroundings. The Jacob Javits Center seemed like a giant maze and a little hard to navigate at first. By the second day, I knew my way around just as if I had worked there for years. It felt good to answer questions from passersby who looked as lost as I was on the first day.

Having the opportunity to speak to publishers and other authors during the three days of BEA was invaluable. This was a great learning experience for new authors and even for veteran authors with second, third and fourth books.

The most exciting part of the whole experience occured on the third and last day-when I had the opportunity to sign my books in my publisher’s booth (Legwork Team Publishing) and at the autographing area. As a new author, I was sure that I’d come home with many books. After all, I was a new author, and who really knew about my book anyway? When my time came to autograph, there was already a long line of people waiting to talk to me and have their books signed. That was encouraging! For the entire hour allotted for signing, there was a steady stream of people on my line, which continued to the end. The hour went by too quickly, and it was so much fun! Not to mention that I met many interesting people and made many wonderful contacts. That’s always good.

I look forward to next year’s BEA. It’s an event not to be missed!

Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones


The story begins with Katey and Will Longley, a brother and sister who journey to a remote island thousands of miles across the globe. After a storm capsizes their uncle’s boat near Cape Cod, the children have the misfortune to meet Captain Sharkley, a shady individual who uses them in his quest to find mystical whalebones on an island from which no one has returned alive.

Katey and Will escape the captain’s ship, along with the captain’s nephew, Bartholomew and a crew member. When they reach Whale Island, a beautiful but dangerous island with unusual plant and animal life, they uncover the island’s amazing secrets. During their island exploration, they traverse a perilous cave and confront huge Komodo dragons and other oversized animals. They eventually discover ancient whalebones which reveal incredible powers, including the ability to speak to whales, dolphins and fish. They also unearth an extraordinary discovery: a lost undersea civilization and its inhabitants, revealing a whole new world to them.

Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones, a novel for children age eight to twelve, encompasses two themes: the profound significance of communicating and co-existing with animals, and ocean inhabitants; and understanding true courage after children confront their fears.

The book can be found at many retail book store outlets, as well as, and It can also be purchased at In addition, for those with electronic readers such as the Kindle and Nook, Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones is now available for downloading in electronic book format.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales are donated to the Interfaith Nutrition Network (The INN), a nonprofit organization located in Long Island that provides emergency shelter and feeds the hungry.

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