Whale of a Tale Adventure Stories for Young Readers

 Local Authors In the News

Linda Maria Frank, author of the compelling teen mystery novel, The Madonna Ghost, and Girl With Pencil Drawing, and Karen Bonnet, author of Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones, an exciting fiction adventure novel for children age eight to twelve, have teamed up! Stay tuned for local book talks, events and presentations they’ll be providing at various venues. Updates will be sent to all our loyal book fans. You can also learn about upcoming events by visiting this site on a regular basis or checking our other sites, www.karenbonnet.com and www.annietillerymystery.com (Linda’s Web site).

In addition, Karen and Linda provide a workshop for aspiring authors who are unsure of the next steps to take in publishing their books. The workshop, “So You Want To Write a Story?” brings participants on the journey they experienced to publish their books. Working under the banner of Whale of a Tale: Adventures for Young Readers, Karen and Linda present an informative and interactive Power Point program (with handouts). The important steps of writing, copyrighting, and editing are discussed with the value of the author’s real world experiences. The process of self-publishing is covered in depth with useful resources, information, and Web sites provided. As the challenging world of marketing is explained, the authors illustrate their journey with valuable do’s and don’ts, as well as an anecdotal recount of Karen’s and Linda’s adventures, sometimes humorous, always informative. The authors discuss some of the more unique strategies they used, such as the production of their local access TV show, The Writer’s Dream, and the various free programs to help authors get started in the promotion and marketing of their books.

Karen’s second workshop, “How Do You Get Ideas to Write a Book?” is for elementary school aged children. Through an interactive book discussion, trivia games, and children acting out a scene from one of the chapters, the book discussion encompasses Karen’s experience with the writing process, (how do you get ideas for your plot and characters?) from inception to completion, including plot, theme, setting. and character development. A visual, informative Power Point is provided, leading to an interactive discussion with children, a scene/character enactment (with children as the characters in the book), trivia and matching game questions, and a tri-fold board of “Mammals of the Sea,” which includes a historical and pictorial piece about “Kadee,” the whale she adopted from the Pacific Whale Foundation. The tri-fold board is a fun-filled, informative and visual addition that discusses the importance of preserving our oceans, the ecosystems and marine animals that live in our waterways.

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