Children’s Book Reviews of Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones


For authors of all genres, a great book review is so uplifting that it seems like “music” to their ears and poetry to their souls!

Recently, I had received several book reviews from middle-grade youngsters who completed reading my book, Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones. I learned that Sam, a 12 year-old from Long Island would be writing one for  Boating Times Long Island Magazine, which was published in their April issue.  I did not meet Sam or know him – all I knew was that the editor of the magazine asked him if he would write the review and he agreed. I was pleasantly surprised at Sam’s mastery in crafting beautiful words that described my plot, and the way he felt while he was reading the book. A copy of his review can be found in this link:

Another excellent review recently came to me from Patrick, an elementary school aged boy whose mother is a fellow member of the Long Island Authors Group, a non-profit that promotes authorship on Long Island. Patrick wrote his comments in a book report that described in detail the protagonists’ journey from Cape Cod (where they live) to an island thousands of miles from their home (Whale Island). Patrick ended his book report with this comment:

“I liked this book because it had a lot of twists and turns in it. It was very well-written and it was a very good book.”

I wonder if these children realize that their words are priceless and  are exremely encouraging, especially coming from a youngster. Children today have packed schedules, between school obligations and afterschool activities, so taking the time to write a book review is greatly appreciated – it brings joy to an author! Plus, it’s a wonderful feeling to know youngsters are enjoying their book/reading experiences. I am fond of saying to them and all who love to read books that take you on unforgettable adventures that inspire and enrich the mind, “Keep reading and enjoy the journey!”

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