Deer Park High School’s Career Day

Students learned about colleges and careers from the many volunteer professionals who attended Deer Park High School’s “Career Day”

Last week at Deer Park High School’s “Career Day,” I had an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge about my field (public relations and marketing) and to talk about my children’s book, Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones to hundreds of freshman students.

The students were newbies at the high school level but curious to learn about colleges and future careers they would one day be seeking. During our interactive discussion that included a team of eight to ten freshmen, we sat around a table and talked about colleges they may be interested in applying to in the near future, as well as careers that interested them.

It was a pleasure to speak to the students, and surprisingly, some of  knew at this young age what their future college majors would be. I recall having no idea at the tender age of 14 or 15 what I wanted to be “when I grew up.”  All were curious about my children’s book, as most students said they enjoyed reading. While the conversation started out with talking points about public relations and marketing, it naturally led to how I segued into writing a children’s book because of my passion for creative writing.

The event was clearly organized by administrators in charge and by friendly, helpful students who were there in the early morning hours to greet all of the volunteer Career Day presenters. Three hundred fifty freshman students who attended the sessions (which were 15 minutes each) moved easily from table to table to speak to other volunteer professionals during the organized discussion panels.

Kudos to Deer Park High School on arranging an event that was informative, educational, and fun for the volunteers and students!

3 thoughts on “Deer Park High School’s Career Day

      • I survived the high school group! The teacher told me she has never seen this class so attentive and polite with a speaker. Many of them promised to email and let me know how my theory works at the high school level. **And almost all of them said they would hang out with me in college!!!

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