Children Give Thumb’s Up to Interactive Book Discussion

Recently, fellow Author Linda Frank and I had the pleasure of presenting an interactive book discussion complete with PowerPoint, games and book readings to children and adults at the Oceanside Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union on Long Beach Road. To help celebrate their 75th anniversary and kick off their anniversary year, the organization invited local artists to share their stories.

The theme for the evening was nautical, so we asked children to dress in costumes and to use their imaginations! In addition to book readings and a visual Powerpoint presentation, there were assorted games, as well as snacks and refreshments provided by our host, Regina Esernio, public relations/marketing director at Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union. It was a beautiful summer evening (a Friday night), so we were pleased to welcome about six children and their parents. 

We began by talking about why we wrote our books, how we came up with ideas for the plot and setting, and why we created the characters in our stories — who appeal to the young, and the young-at-heart. It’s so important for children to be able to relate to the characters of a book –and to feel connected to them!

There was a definite connection between the children and the adults throughout the whole evening of nautical merriment. The the children came away with prizes for the games, and a grand prize was given to Victoria Raabe of Massapequa, winner of the costume contest.

When your audience is responsive and a dialogue shared, you know you’ve reached them in a positive way…and what more can you ask for? I can think of only one thing: more children reading your books!


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